"There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination."

    We are playful creatures at heart. Role-play is one of our absolute favorite games, as it gives us the freedom is slip on someone else’s skin, and give our own selves a rest.

    Make-believe was a powerful force in all of our childhoods. We carry with us a lifetime to be explored through kaleidoscopes of grown-up desire. You have years of experiences for us to manipulate in our hands, whether they be light and fun, or dark and heavy things to be purged.


    We prepare for our roles with the utmost care, from wardrobe and makeup, to the impeccably-chosen scenery and playthings. Immerse yourself totally in the daydreams we will build for you. Allow these prompts to alight your fantasies; we look forward to tailoring the perfect scene to fit your deepest desires.

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    Headmistress Hext and Professor Gallo. Have you been acting out in class? Falling behind in your studies? Our private school is very strict on our students, and corporal punishment has proven to be a great motivator for improvement. You'll soon have all your lessons memorized with the help of a stiff ruler. Spare the rod, spoil the child. (Or maybe you can find some way to please us and raise your grade...)

    Dr. Hext and Dr. Gallo. You innocently answered an ad for a clinical trial—in your area! results same day! How bad could it be? The medical staff seems nice enough, but before you know it, you're restrained and naked on a table, helpless as Dr. Hext and Dr. Gallo have their way with you. Do these doctors even have licenses?!

    Sister Charli & Sister Margeaux. You arrive at our monastery, where you’ve come to pay your penance. Sisters Charli and Margeaux meet you at the door, and usher you inside, where you will learn first hand the many passions of the Christ.

    Another Man's Nest. You know you can't possibly satisfy a woman, and Margeaux, your disappointed date knows it, too. So she invites her sexy friend Charli over, and all you can do is sit and let it happen… but lucky you… you get to watch!

    The Stepsisters. Your stepsisters Charli and Margeaux are home from summer break. As you spy on us from the closet, you discover why your new sisters never seemed to have any interest in boys... until we catch you in your dirty little scheme. You better not tell.


Fancy a night in with your bratty step-sisters? we can probably talk you into anything we want!