New Orleans + Atlanta

The rates you see are for every flavor of encounter we offer. We believe our time, creativity, and charming companionship is of equal value, no matter what adventures we might be getting up to.

We play well with others — take a peek at our Friends Page and find out for yourself!

    Authentic duo dates — Our one-of-a-kind GFsE: the Girlfriends Experience!

Add +100/hr for couple’s sessions

    60min/90min… 800/1,100

A great way to really enjoy your lunch break!

    2hrs/3hrs… 1,400/1,800
Our recommendation for getting to know each other. We pride ourselves on our ability to match your energy, and getting to know new friends ought not be rushed.

    4hrs/6 hrs/8hrs… 2,400/3,500/4,500
Whatever your desires, we have an appetite to match. Let's hit the town, Charli on one arm and Margeaux on your other, turning heads everywhere we go. An evening of adventure becomes a luxurious night between the sheets with your favorite married minxes and a couple bottles of champagne.

    14 hour overnight… 6,500
Let's have a sleepover! Maybe you're visiting from out of town — or maybe we are — and you've gifted yourself the luxury of an entire night with us. A wise choice indeed; the possibilities are endless!

Overnight dates will conclude 14 hours after they begin, so let's set an alarm if we want room service, or a morning reprisal. Remember, we require at least 7 hours of beauty rest during an overnight date. We're excellent cuddlers, or if you prefer, we can spoon each other in an adjoining room.

    24 hours... 9,000
For when you just can't get enough, whether in town or traveling.

    Each additional day... 6,500


We love adventure and we're both easy-going travel companions! We love to collect stamps on our passports. Contact us for bespoke travel rates for destination dates.


When we schedule a date, we set aside our time for you, and assume that you will do the same. cancelled sessions may incur up to a 50% cancellation fee. We know things do come up: This fee may be applied towards a rescheduled session in the near future.

 We tour several times a year to a few major cities. The best way to see us in your city is to fly us to you for an exclusive engagement. Kindly note travel costs will apply.