delve deeper with us into a different kind of play

    Whether you're exploring a new side of yourself, or you're a seasoned player, we would love to satisfy your favorite kinks with you. We are by no means traditional mistresses or dominatrices, but we love to indulge in a variety of inclinations with an exuberant play partner.

    We prefer not to be limited by the titles of “dominant” or “submissive”, though we can assume both with ease, and quite wickedly. Fluidity is our greatest joy in kink. Come with us and see what is possible when the labels are thrown off and we have a chance to engage in true, deep, play.

    Below is a list of inspirations, but it is far from exhaustive. Bring your desires to us.

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    Strap-on Play. We have a beautiful selection of cocks, and we’d love to introduce you to each and every one of them. Whether between the two of us, or with you the center of our attention, there’s endless ways to put our collection to good use.   

        Orgasm Control. Let’s play a game to see how hard we can get you without letting you finish. Or maybe you want to count with Charli, to see how many times you can both make Margeaux squirt before she needs a nap.

        Squirting. Oh, did we mention? Margeaux’s warm cum can drench you from head to toe. We’ll need to lay down a few towels for this. She’s truly distinguished in her field. Someone should give her a trophy.

    Electroplay. Fancy being a test subject? An interrogation victim? Or maybe you just want a little shock to your system? Our electrical toys needn't be scary (but they could be).

    Golden Showers. There’s nothing like the warm embrace of liquid, running down thighs and faces, to feel deeply connected to your play partner.

    Feminisation. Relax, knowing you're in the hands of two lovely, well-equipped ladies. Maybe you’re interested in playing with just a little lipstick and nailpolish? Maybe you’d like to learn how to walk and talk just like a real girl!

    Cuckolding. Strapping on our favorite silicone cocks and flipping a coin to see which of us will be on top can only be made more exciting by one thing: Locking your dick into a cage and making you watch helplessly while we fuck each other.

       Co-Topping. It’s one of our favorite ways to play! When two people collaborate to make use of a submissive, you get twice the fun. It’s a rewarding and empowering experience, like playing together on a team where the goal is squealing spankings and orgasms. Either we’ll team up against you… Or Margeaux will join you on Team Top, while Charli enthusiastically plays the role of your willing bottom and sub. Ask what our favorite games are. We can’t wait to find out yours!  

    Fisting. Nothing fills you up that hole inside of you like the slick, gloved hand of a beautiful pervert. Well, maybe the slick, gloved hands of two beautiful perverts? Kindly keep in mind these sessions require a minimum of two hours, as this activity is not to be rushed.

    Facesitting & Body Worship. Take your time kissing, touching, and adoring every inch of our smooth, tattooed skin, before we fill your mouth with our wetness.