The More, The Merrier


Miss Andri Winters — New Orleans

    Andri is one of our close friends here at home in New Orleans! Talented with her hands in many ways—from paints and watercolors to snapping single-tails and barehanded spankings—she's always on the "Best Dressed" list for every Mardi Gras parade and play party she attends in her bespoke costumes and wardrobe. From her tattoos to her tempting, toying smile, it's hard not to roll over at her feet. But why wouldn't you?
    We love to play together whenever we have the opportunity. How about getting us together, while you try to please the three of us at once?


Robin Ardeur — NYC & travel

    Robin is one of our closest boifriends, and is our favorite reason to visit NYC! Our dynamic is lovers-meets-creative-consultants-meets-rugby-team. Maybe we have our triple Libra signs to thank for our chemistry, or maybe it's our shared affinity for tattoos, whiskey, and fisting. We're all available for travel dates, so get us together in whatever city you happen to be in.
    We love to share, and you'll find yourself at the center of our attention!



Elle Fox TS — NYC

    Your transgender confidante, and all around darling, Elle has a smile that lights up a room! She's one of the kindest (and cutest!) ladies we've had the pleasure of playing with. While her home base is in New York City, she's an avid traveler, and could be your girl-next-door just about anywhere. A charming coquette, she is delightful company whether you're just meeting for the first time, or heading out to enjoy the town and each other's company on an extended date.

Kinsey Pink — NYC

    This nonbinary babe-for-hire defies conventions. Measuring in at a petite five feet tall, their electric presence is felt as soon as they enter a room. Think tattooed, leather-clad tomboy, and you're just starting to get it. From their collection of exquisite tattoos, to their quick wit and well-packed toy bag, you've never met anyone quite like this playful pervert!



Margot Rose — NYC

    A New York City pervert and perfect pain slut. We cherish every opportunity to play with Margot! Adept at both topping and bottoming, with an impressive selection of tools and a wicked sense of humor, she makes a perfect third for our misadventures.
    Ever been in a Margeaux-and-Margot sandwich? Charli has! And it was delicious.

Devorah Reine — SF Bay Area

    This sweet honeybee calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. Who knew a casual meeting at a sex party would lead to a beautiful friendship? It's difficult not to be hypnotized by a smokey gaze and soft stretches of intricately tattooed skin. Devorah's style of play reflects ours beautifully: Thoughtful, warm, and ever the aesthete, she always wears her best heels to bed!

IMG_2654 copy(1).jpg


Ruckus XXX — SF Bay Area

    How about a tall tattooed glass of water who fixes motorcycles and gardens on the weekends? You'll love Ruckus from The Bay!
    We met during our first visit to San Fransisco, where we waxed poetic about kink and porn over Pad Thai. Take a moment to imagine what we could get up to with Ruckus on our date...
    Don't be shy, we'll show you the ropes.

Leana Lane — Washington D.C.

    Margeaux & I met Leana at our birthday play party last fall. We still reminisce over how she looked in her leather lingerie. We got to know each other over glasses of bubbly, and flirtations on a velvet coach. Charming, empathetic, and smart as a whip, our acquaintance with the lovely Leana quickly turned into a crush! With long, chestnut hair, and glowing soft skin, she makes for the perfect girl-next-door; but don't be fooled by her angelic smile. We happen to know from personal experience that she's skilled in kink, Tantra, and all kinds of play! We recommend getting us all in a room together and seeing what mischief we can get up to.