What does the “girlfriend experience” mean, anyway? Yeah, we all know, and it’s wonderful; but try this on for size!
We’ve combined some of our personal hobbies with our signature Girlfriends Experience.
We’ll get to know each other while having fun, relaxing, and being ourselves.
We’ll have two hours of no-pressure talking, flirting and cuddling, over video games, a good movie, or a delicious meal. Then we get even more comfortable as we shift seamlessly to sexy time, which can include any of our sensual or kinky offerings.

The first half of our date will be flirty and nerdy. The second half will be naked. Get it?

Choose your favorite flavor, or a custom combo of the delicacies below!

Gamer Girls

Enjoy having Margeaux kick your ass at Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and all the latest games on our Nintendo Switch. We can bring our console, along with whatever other toys you’re interested in playing with. We’re also happy to play with yours, too! 
Charli is just happy to play along in 7th place, and accepts that she’s good at other things. Margeaux is out for blood.

Netflix & Chill

Let’s watch two hours of your favorite TV show, or one feature length movie! The choice is up to you, but we’re fans of horror, dystopian hellscapes, nature documentaries, comic book movies and series (Preacher! Daredevil! Gotham!) and Frasier. We won’t judge your taste if you don’t judge ours, pinkie promise. This special date includes a six pack of our favorite cider and snacks to share.

Charli & Margeaux’s Chophouse

While cooking naked is actually very dangerous, we’ll do it in as little clothing as possible. With over a decade of culinary experience between us, we’ll tease and tempt your senses with a luxurious home cooked meal before serving dessert in the bedroom. Bon appétit!*

*We’re happy to accommodate any dietary requirements you may have! We’re adept at a range of styles and diets, including allergies and sensitivities. We’re omnivores, but are also happy to cook vegetarian or vegan cuisine. Just let us know!

Wanna skip the Netflix and hop right to the Chill? Check out our hourly rates here.

When we schedule a date, we set aside our time for you, and assume that you will do the same.
cancelled sessions may incur up to a 50% cancellation fee. We know things do come up: This fee may be applied towards a rescheduled session in the near future.