From the desk of Dr. C. Gallo — May 27th, 2017

   I don’t know if it’s because we’re young at heart, or are simply blessed with overactive imaginations, but Margeaux and I love to role play.

    Role playing is when we pretend. Yes, it is playing pretend! It may be imagining that one is a different person, or an animal, or a hat rack, and then behaving in harmony with that idea. It is not simply being treated like a hat rack, but rather an exercise in becoming the hat rack.

    Teacher/student? A brutal Chef de Cuisine and the hopeful commis? Dog trainer and the new puppies? These are simply the skeletons of what can become full-fleshed scenes, which we create for each individual scene we play in, whether it’s just the two of us, or with friends. Each teacher will have a different taste for discipline, each puppy enters the scene with a different level of housebreaking. We can climb down as deep as we wish into these scenes.

    Playing like this has been a fixture in our relationship since teenagehood, acting out our favorite roles, from Sarah and Nancy in The Craft, to Will Graham and Dr. Lecter of the Hannibal series. We now have the talents and the resources to bring our fantasies to fuller life: Wardrobe, make up, props and toys and tools, even setting the stage in specific locations. We love role playing, and so are passionately committed to our roles, whatever shape they take.

    We’ve gotten up at 5 a.m. to have professional FX makeup applied for a superhero threesome between SpiderMan, DareDevil, and Deadpool. We like to sleep in, so you can tell I mean it.


    Some of our own scenes, Margeaux and I have been cultivating for years.

    This is why second and third and tenth dates are our favorite: We are architects, and with each visit, we build. See the same teacher a few times, and your relationship with her will develop. In what way, is up to the players.

    Role playing is simple to describe, though can take practice to employ skillfully, just like using a whip. It may sting deliciously, or run amiss in a direction never intended.

    That is why we will be your guides.

    We take a deep thrill in preparing for these scenes, which allow us to slip on another’s skin and experience the moment’s delights through another set of eyes.
    Of course role playing can be sweet and simple. Say, a sleepover where we paint each other’s nails, knowing we’ll have to remove the polish before night’s end so Dad doesn’t see. When we have free reign, though, the stakes are raised. Trust us. We’re the professionals.

— Charli Gallo

Charli Gallo